March 04, 2004

word of the moment

the word of the moment is clever

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second day

second day on the job. i like it there. long drive. peaceful though, for 75. most of the traffic goes in the opposite direction. i like computer people. i feel at ease among them. nice ticketing system. the trainer seems genuine and smart. he's done the job, he wrote the training manual. my trainng class get along well. lots of jokes. interesting to be with people from northern southeast ohio. for as much as we all have in common, i find subtle distinctions that make me feel different. like an out of towner. maybe that's important. keeps me on my better behavior. .... too much on my mind.

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March 10, 2004

Selling your books is very short sighted. You need to be thinking more of a long term stategy like giving blood and eating Raman noodles.

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